2014 Silver Award Residential Addition $100,000 – $250,000

The clients wanted an addition which would allow them to comfortably stay in their home as they aged. They had three specific requests; added living space on the main floor that could be converted into a bedroom at a later date, a bathroom on the main floor, and a laundry closet on the main floor. As we spoke about the look they wanted to achieve, the home owners decided that the exterior needed a porch in the front with an inviting covered entrance and a screen porch in the back. The clients put a lot of care and effort into their yard making it a special place and neighbors often stop by to chat and relax in the friendly atmosphere.

During the design phase, it was determined that a full basement under the new addition would be well worthwhile given the amount of space it would add. Keeping in mind the need for easy access to both the new and existing basements, we designed a new entrance to both spaces. We upgraded it with new block and a Bilco door unit to allow exterior access to both basements. We then designed an interior entrance that combining access into the existing and new basement spaces.

When the addition was complete, it fit the clients’ needs perfectly. A new sitting room was in place for future use as a first floor bedroom. The addition housed a convenient new laundry area and a bathroom designed around aging in place. The additional space in the new basement is very useful and the design of the drain tile and sump in the new space helps keep the old basement drier. Best of all, the new screen porch entrance to their home is a great place for socializing with friends and neighbors as they enjoy their beautiful yard.