Spring 2015 – We’re moving – Still In Mukwonago.

Move Map2In Spring of 2015, we’ll be moving about 600 feet from our current location to the Southwest Corner of Hwy. 83 and Wolf Run.

This is only our second move since Urban Herriges moved his business from Milwaukee to Main Street in Mukwonago in 1972.

We have been at our current location since 1982. Back then, East Wolf Run didn’t even exist. Maple Ave was called Hwy NN and it went directly through to Hwy 83. The area around us was fields, farms and pasture. Urban and Dorothy (Pa and Ma / Grandpa and Grandma / Urby and Dotty, depending on who you ask) lived on site and Urby raised exotic game birds here in his spare time.

Times have changed and while we’re sad to be leaving the ‘Herriges Homestead’, we’re also excited about our new offices.

So, if you miss seeing our sign as you turn off of Hwy 83 and head to Home Depot or Walmart, just look a bit to the South and you’ll see our new location. We’re not moving far.